Best Travel Insurance from India for Thailand: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on a journey from India to Thailand? This article provides an insightful guide to selecting the best travel insurance for a safe and secure trip. We’ll explore top choices, offering you peace of mind as you enjoy Thailand’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

Best Travel Insurance for Thailand from India

1. ACKO Travel Insurance


  • Online-only insurer, offering a paperless process.
  • Provides affordable, comprehensive coverage.
  • Includes 24×7 assistance and coverage for COVID-19-related hospitalization.

Pros & Cons:

Budget-friendly options.Limited physical customer service points.
Easy online management.May not cover all extreme sports.
Comprehensive global coverage.Variable coverage limits.


ACKO’s Travel Insurance is a top pick for its ease of use and comprehensive coverage, making it a worthy option for travelers to Thailand.

2. Tata AIG Travel Insurance


  • Covers a wide range of travel-related issues.
  • Offers robust medical and baggage coverage.
  • Includes emergency evacuation provisions.

Pros & Cons:

Extensive medical coverage.Higher premium costs.
Emergency services included.May have strict policy conditions.
Comprehensive baggage cover.Complex claim process.


Tata AIG’s policy is ideal for those seeking extensive coverage, despite its slightly higher cost and complex claims process.

3. ICICILombard Travel Insurance


  • Offers coverage with no prior medical tests up to 85 years.
  • Provides cashless hospitalization facility worldwide.
  • Includes trip cancellation and interruption reimbursement.

Pros & Cons:

No medical tests for elderly.Limited coverage in certain regions.
Comprehensive emergency services.Possible delays in claim processing.
Coverage for total loss of checked-in baggage.Exclusions on certain medical conditions.


ICICILombard’s Travel Insurance is a great choice for elderly travelers, offering a blend of comprehensive coverage and ease of purchase.

4. HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance


  • Covers medical and dental emergencies.
  • Provides compensation for flight and baggage delays.
  • No health check-up required before traveling.

Pros & Cons:

Covers a wide range of emergencies.May have higher premiums for certain age groups.
Accessible worldwide coverage.Some geographic limitations in coverage.
Easy claim process.Exclusions on pre-existing conditions.


HDFC Ergo is great for easy, worldwide emergency coverage but may be costly for older travelers and those with pre-existing conditions.

Which is the Best Option ?

When selecting the best travel insurance for a trip from India to Thailand in 2023, it’s important to balance comprehensive coverage with specific needs and budget. Among the options listed, ACKO Travel Insurance stands out for budget-conscious travelers who value ease of use and comprehensive coverage, including COVID-19-related hospitalization. However, for those who prioritize extensive medical and baggage coverage, Tata AIG is an excellent choice, despite its higher premiums and more complex claims process.


1. What Should I Consider When Choosing Travel Insurance for Thailand?

When selecting travel insurance for Thailand, consider factors like medical coverage, COVID-19-related policies, baggage and flight delay compensation, and ease of claim process. Also, check for any exclusions, especially for pre-existing conditions and extreme sports.

2. Is COVID-19 Coverage Important for Travel Insurance to Thailand?

Yes, given the ongoing global situation, ensuring your travel insurance covers COVID-19-related hospitalization and medical expenses is crucial. This provides added security in case of unexpected health issues related to the pandemic.

3. How Do Premium Costs Vary Among Different Insurers for Travel to Thailand?

Premium costs can vary based on factors like age, duration of the trip, coverage limits, and specific policy terms. Insurers like ACKO offer budget-friendly options, while Tata AIG might have higher premiums due to extensive coverage. It’s essential to compare different policies to find one that fits your budget and coverage needs.

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