Cost & Coverage: Travel Insurance Over 80s’ Explained

Travel insurance is a crucial part of trip planning for seniors over 80. This group faces unique challenges and risks while traveling, emphasizing the need for travel insurance that offers a balance between cost and comprehensive coverage.

Cost of Travel Insurance For Over 80s

Travel insurance policies for seniors usually cost around 7% or 9% of the whole trip costs. However, each insurance company offers different prices based on your specific age, destination, length of the visit, and the cost of the whole trip. One of the most affordable prices for a comprehensive plan for seniors is around $390— the price of travel insurance for persons over 80 can go up to $700. Usually, travel insurance policies tend to be more expensive the older the policy buyer is. 

How Can They Save Money?

  • Use a comparison website. Use an insurance comparison website or tool to compare different insurance plans and see what benefits they offer and which plans are more affordable. 
  • Don’t buy benefits you don’t need. Don’t buy insurance for refundable options. You don’t need insurance if you have a refundable trip or airplane ticket. Plus, you save up if you opt not to buy the “cancel for any reason” policy. 
  • Match your insurance with your destination. Travel insurance tends to be more expensive when the US (and other countries like Japan and Canada) is included. If you aren’t visiting any of these countries, opt to exclude them from your insurance coverage. 
  • Buy directly from an insurance company. Don’t buy insurance from your travel agent. In these cases, your insurance will come at a higher price so that your travel agent can make a profit; that is why you should buy the insurance policy directly from the insurance company or an insurance broker. 

Understanding Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 80

Overview of Options: Seniors over 80 have several travel insurance options, each designed to cater to the specific needs of older travelers. These policies often come with higher coverage limits and special medical care provisions.

Significance of Specialized Coverage: Given the higher likelihood of older travelers requiring medical attention, specialized coverage is vital for peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected health issues.

Key Factors Affecting Cost and Coverage

  • Age and Insurance Cost: Age is a significant factor in determining the cost of travel insurance, with seniors over 80 typically facing higher premiums.
  • Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions: Pre-existing health conditions can further elevate the cost of insurance. Seniors must declare all health issues to secure a policy that provides adequate coverage.
  • Travel Duration and Destination: The length and location of the trip also play a role in determining insurance cost, with longer trips and destinations with higher healthcare costs leading to increased premiums.

Assessing the Cost of Travel Insurance for 80-Year-Olds

Average Cost Ranges: The cost of insurance for seniors over 80 varies, typically based on factors like trip duration and coverage extent.

Contributing Factors: The cost is influenced by the traveler’s health, trip length, and the healthcare costs of the destination countries..

Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 75: A Comparative Look

Insurance Differences: Policies for seniors over 75 often have lower premiums compared to those for seniors over 80, but they may offer less comprehensive coverage.

Evolution of Insurance Needs: As travelers age, their insurance needs tend to evolve, often requiring more extensive health coverage.

Special Considerations for Seniors Visiting the USA

Seniors traveling to the USA face unique challenges, such as high healthcare costs and complex medical systems. Ensuring adequate coverage is crucial.


Finding the right travel insurance is crucial for seniors over 80, requiring careful evaluation of needs, options, and a balance between cost and coverage.


1. Can you get travel insurance for a 90-year-old?

Yes, you can obtain travel insurance for individuals over 90 years old. Although many providers may not offer coverage for this age group, companies like Just Travel Cover provide travel insurance for over 90s with no upper age limit. It’s important to arrange insurance as soon as you book your holiday.

2. How much is travelers insurance in the US?

The cost of travel insurance in the US typically ranges from $35 to $200. This variance depends on several factors, including your age and vacation location. Generally, travel insurance policies cost about 5% to 6% of your total trip cost.

3. Can 80-year-olds get insurance?

The age range for most senior citizen health insurance plans is between 60 and 80 years. However, this can vary between plans and insurance companies, with some extending coverage up to 90 years or offering whole-life policies.

4. How much does travel insurance cost to the USA?

ProviderComprehensive Policy with CFARComprehensive Policy without CFAR
HTH Travel Insurance$96$63.91
Seven Corners Travel Insurance$92$65
Berkshire Hathaway$96$73
IMG Travel Insurance$142$94.44

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