Top Dental Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

When it comes to dental insurance, pre-existing conditions are oral health issues already present before you enroll in a plan. Unlike medical insurance, which is more inclusive thanks to the Affordable Care Act, dental insurance often has limitations regarding pre-existing conditions. This means you might not get immediate or any coverage for existing dental problems.

What Are Pre-Existing Clauses in Dental Insurance?

Many dental insurance policies include pre-existing clauses to limit their financial liability. A common example is the “missing tooth clause”, which excludes coverage for any missing tooth that you had prior to enrolling in the plan.

Waiting periods are crucial in dental insurance, especially for pre-existing conditions. While preventive services might be covered immediately, more extensive treatments like crowns or root canals might have a waiting period of six months to a year. These periods also affect how often prosthetics can be replaced.

To mitigate the impact of pre-existing conditions and waiting periods, it’s essential to focus on preventive care. Regular checkups and cleanings, usually covered in dental plans, can help maintain oral health and prevent the escalation of existing conditions.

Exploring Dental Discount Plans

If your dental insurance doesn’t cover certain treatments due to pre-existing conditions, consider a dental discount plan. These plans offer reduced rates on various procedures, even if they are related to pre-existing conditions.

Top Dental Insurance Plans

1. Cigna

Cigna stands out as the best overall for coverage, balancing wait time and savings. With the CIGNAPlus dental savings plan.

• Affordable annual premiums• Not available in all areas
• Over 110,000 providers nationwide
• Potential savings of more than 40% 

Verdict: Cigna offers a balanced approach to coverage, making it an excellent choice for those seeking immediate benefits without long wait times. 

2. Careington

Careington offers a dental savings plan that provides immediate discounts on work. The Careington 500 Series dental savings plan is both affordable and comprehensive. 

• No annual maximums• Limited to specific dental services
• Almost 40% savings 
• No claims paperwork required

Verdict: For those seeking immediate savings without the hassle of paperwork, Careington is a top choice. 

3. Humana

Humana’s Dental Loyalty Plus PPO plan offers increasing benefits over time, making it a valuable option for long-term planning.

• Coverage increases over time• Initial coverage is only 20%
• Choice of dentist
• 100% coverage of preventive care

Verdict: For those willing to wait, Humana offers a plan that becomes increasingly beneficial over time. 

4. UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare offers comprehensive dental plans for individuals, especially when dental coverage is not provided at work.

• Wide range of covered services• Might require direct payment to the dentist
• Large network of providers
• No age restrictions

Verdict: UnitedHealthcare is a versatile choice for those seeking comprehensive dental coverage. 

5. Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers two PPO plans for coverage, both providing significant benefits after a 12-month wait. 

• Two plan options with different benefits• 12-month wait for coverage
• Both plans cover 50% of costs
• High annual maximum with Platinum Prime

Verdict: For those seeking choice and flexibility, Delta Dental offers two robust options for coverage. 


When selecting dental insurance, especially with pre-existing conditions, it’s crucial to consider factors like coverage scope, waiting periods, and preventive care options. Plans like Humana and Denali Dental offer unique benefits, but it’s essential to choose one that aligns with your specific needs and conditions.

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