Top Dental Insurance for Periodontal Disease: A Comprehensive Guide

Periodontal disease, a common dental condition, requires ongoing and sometimes costly treatment. Selecting the right dental insurance plan is crucial for managing these expenses effectively. This guide compares five leading dental insurance options, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks, to help you make an informed decision.

Delta Dental 

Delta Dental shines when it comes to orthodontic care, offering comprehensive benefits for both children and adults.

Low NAIC complaint indexPlans vary significantly per state
Available on state and federal exchangesHMO plan doesn’t cover dental implants

Verdict: For those seeking orthodontic care, Delta Dental is a top contender.


Humana’s Dental Loyalty Plus PPO plan is designed for long-term dental health planning, with benefits that increase over time.

Low-cost preventive plan optionHigh NAIC complaint index in some states
One plan with no waiting periods on all careNo coverage for implants or orthodontic care

Verdict: Humana’s diverse plan options make it suitable for a wide range of dental needs.


DentaQuest offers both preventive-only and comprehensive dental care at a significantly lower price than its competitors.

Affordable options starting at $8.35One plan enforces 18-month waiting period on major work
Orthodontic coverage for children and adultsNo out-of-network coverage

Verdict: For those on a budget, DentaQuest provides a balance of affordability and comprehensive coverage.

Spirit Dental 

Spirit Dental stands out for waiving waiting periods across all its dental policies, ensuring immediate coverage.

No waiting periods on any planExpensive premium rates
Plan option with $5,000 annual maximum limitNo coverage for adult orthodontia

Verdict: For those seeking immediate coverage, Spirit Dental is a prime choice.

Which is the Best Option?

The best dental insurance plan for periodontal disease depends on individual needs and circumstances. Consider factors like budget, need for immediate coverage, and long-term dental health plans when making your choice.


  1. Why is dental insurance important?
    Dental insurance helps cover the costs of preventive, minor, and sometimes major dental care, reducing out-of-pocket expenses and promoting regular dental check-ups.
  2. How do I choose the right dental insurance plan?
    Consider factors like your dental health needs, the coverage provided, monthly premiums, annual maximums, and whether your preferred dentist is in-network.
  3. What should I consider when choosing dental insurance for periodontal disease?     Consider coverage details, waiting periods, premium costs, and whether the plan covers ongoing treatments for periodontal disease.

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