Top dental insurance with no waiting period in Florida

Welcome to our concise exploration of the finest dental insurance options in sunny Florida that offer immediate gratification – that is, zero waiting periods. Dive in as we uncover the pros, the cons, and our candid opinions on each plan’s worthiness.

Best dental insurance in Florida with no waiting period

1. Denali Dental

RIDGE PLAN 750/1500/2000/2500SUMMIT PLAN 1200/2000/3500/6000
4 cleanings & 2 exams per yearAdult and Child Orthodontia
10% 1st year basic & major coverage30% 1st year basic & major coverage
No waiting periodsNo waiting periods

up to $2500 (max benefit)up to $6000 (max benefit)

Pros & Cons

No waiting period for preventive careHigher premium costs
Generous number of cleanings and examsOrthodontics not covered on lower-cost plans


Denali Dental shines for those who prioritize preventive care, though its higher premiums may be a trade-off for immediate coverage. For the proactive and preventive-focused individuals, it’s a solid choice.

2. Aetna

Insurance Plan Table

Aetna Dental® Direct Preferred PPOAetna Dental® Direct Core PPOAetna Dental® Direct Preventive PPO
Effective dateEffective dateEffective date
Your Monthly Premium: $38.10/ monthYour Monthly Premium: $33.34/ monthYour Monthly Premium: $21.03/ month
You: $38.10You: $33.34You: $21.03
$50 individual/$150 family$50 individual/$150 familyNone
Preventive: No CostPreventive: No CostPreventive: No Cost
Basic: 20%Basic: 50%Basic: Not Covered
Major: 50%Major: 50%Major: Not Covered
No waiting period, if , you have had dental insurance within the past 90 days.No waiting period, if , you have had dental insurance within the past 90 days.No waiting period, if , you have had dental insurance within the past 90 days.
Annual Maximum benefitAnnual Maximum benefitAnnual Maximum benefit
$1250 per person$1000 per personNone

Pros & Cons

Immediate coverage with no waiting if switching plansLimited to certain comparable plans for no waiting period feature
100% coverage for in-network preventive care
Inclusion of CVS CarePass benefits
Access to a large network of dental practices
Substantial savings on various dental services


The Aetna Dental® Direct plan seems to be a robust option for Florida residents who don’t want to wait for major dental services. Its extensive coverage, lack of waiting periods for switching individuals, and additional savings with the Aetna® Vital Savings card make it a compelling choice.

3. Spirit Dental & Vision

Insurance Plan Table

Spirit Preventive Plus PPOSpirit FlexSpirit Flex Plus
up to $1,000up to $2,000up to $2,500
100% preventive coverage50% 1st year basic coverage50% 1st year basic coverage
50% 1st year basic coverage15% 1st year major coverage20% 1st year major coverage
No waiting periodsNo waiting periodsNo waiting periods
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium

Pros & Cons

Immediate coverage for all dental servicesMay have higher premiums for comprehensive coverage
High annual maximum benefitsNetwork limitations may apply


Spirit Dental & Vision is the go-to for those who don’t want to delay their dental needs, offering extensive coverage from day one. If upfront and robust coverage is your aim, this one’s a winner.

What’s The Best Option?

Based on the above information, if you’re looking for immediate coverage with comprehensive benefitsSpirit Dental & Vision appears to be the best option available in Florida with no waiting period. It provides extensive coverage from the first day and accommodates a high annual maximum benefit, making it the most favourable for those needing substantial coverage upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get around my dental insurance waiting period?

In most cases, you will not find a waiting period for your dental insurance plans. Even if there is, it typically spans either 6 or 12 months from the time you enroll. However, you can navigate around the waiting period by Changing the type of insurance plan within the same insurance policy.

2. How much is dental insurance a month for a single person in Florida?

For a single individual, the monthly average cost is approximately $32. Annually, this amounts to $384.

3. Does Aflac have a waiting period?

Aflac, a significant provider of various insurances, generally does not impose a waiting period for routine services. Nevertheless, they enforce specific waiting times for more intricate procedures.

4. What is the most dental insurance will cover?

Dental insurance providers can cover charges in multiple ranges. It can cover 80% of basic care or even 50% of the major care. But every company has its own annual maximum limitations.

Wrapping it up

In the search for the best dental insurance in Florida without a waiting period, we’ve looked at options ranging from comprehensive to preventive-focused plans. Denali Dental, Aetna, and Spirit Dental & Vision all offer competitive benefits without delay. Whether your dental care is extensive or limited to routine check-ups, these plans provide an array of options suitable for immediate needs. Remember, dental health is not just about a bright smile; it’s an investment in your overall wellness.

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