Small Dog Insurance: Savings & Cost Factors

For dog owners, especially those with small breeds, pet insurance is becoming an increasingly essential consideration. This article will explore the various aspects of pet insurance tailored for small dogs, helping you understand the costs involved and how you can identify potential savings.

Understanding Pet Insurance for Small Dogs

Pet insurance acts as a financial safety net, covering costs associated with veterinary care. For owners of small dogs, this can mean safeguarding against unforeseen medical expenses, which may range from routine check-ups to emergency treatments. Typical coverage includes accidents, illnesses, and in some cases, routine care.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost for a Small Dog?

The cost of pet insurance for small dogs varies. On average, owners can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per month. Factors like breed, age, and the chosen insurance plan significantly influence these costs.

Dog Insurance BreedsAverage Premium for 6-month PuppyAverage Premium for 18-month DogAverage Premium for 5.5-year Dog
Australian Shepherd$51.86$51.86$61.42
Bernese Mountain Dog$85.45$85.45$122.30
Border Collie$46.22$46.22$58.49
English Bulldog$86.69$86.69$118.62
French Bulldog$86.70$86.70$110.52
German Shepherd$60.89$60.89$77.14
Golden Retriever$67.33$67.33$84.90
Great Dane$84.83$84.83$122.45
Labrador Retriever$65.36$65.36$82.60
Pit Bull$62.30$62.30$78.88
Shiba Inu$41.73$41.73$50.25
Shih Tzu$39.00$39.00$48.94
Siberian Husky$51.30$51.30$64.71

Key Factors Affecting Pet Insurance Costs

  • Breed: Specific breeds have varying health issues, affecting insurance rates.
  • Age: Older dogs usually cost more to insure due to increased health risks.
  • Health Condition: Pre-existing conditions can lead to higher premiums.
  • Location: Veterinary costs vary by location, impacting insurance prices.
  • Policy Type: Comprehensive plans are generally costlier than basic accident coverage.

Full Coverage vs Basic Plans

Full Coverage Plans often encompass accidents, illnesses, routine care, and sometimes dental treatments. Basic Plans, in contrast, might cover only accidents and emergencies.

Pros and Cons

Plan TypeProsCons
Full CoverageOffers comprehensive protection and peace of mind.Comes with higher monthly premiums.
Basic PlansGenerally more affordable.Limited coverage which can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Monthly Costs and Long-Term Savings

The average monthly cost to insure a small dog is around $42. This investment, however, can lead to considerable long-term savings, particularly in scenarios involving expensive surgeries or chronic conditions.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It for Small Dogs?

  • Provides a financial safety net for unexpected medical expenses and facilitates better, timely veterinary care.
  • Regular premiums can accumulate over time, and not all conditions or treatments may be covered.

Coverage Details

Most pet insurance policies for small dogs generally cover accidents and injuries, illnesses (including chronic and hereditary conditions), surgical procedures, and sometimes preventive care, vaccinations, and dental treatments.

Comparing Insurance Costs Across Dog Breeds

Insurance costs can vary significantly among small dog breeds. Breeds more prone to specific health issues may have higher premiums.

Insurance Cost Comparison:

  • Chihuahua: Lower risk of genetic conditions; hence, lower insurance cost.
  • French Bulldog: Higher risk of respiratory issues; thus, higher insurance cost.

Tips for Reducing Pet Insurance Costs

  • Choose a higher deductible to lower your monthly premium.
  • Look for discounts, such as those offered for multiple pets or bundled policies.
  • Consider annual payments to potentially reduce overall costs.
  • Shop around and compare different insurance plans.


While the cost of pet insurance for small dogs varies, understanding these influencing factors can help you find the best policy for your pet. Weighing the pros and cons and considering the long-term financial implications are vital steps in this journey.


1. Does pet insurance cover surgery for small dogs?

Most comprehensive plans do, but it’s important to check the specifics of your policy.

2. How does pet insurance cost change annually for small breeds?

Premiums can increase as the dog ages or if there are significant health claims.

3. Is pet insurance necessary for small dog owners?

While not mandatory, it can be a wise financial decision to mitigate unexpected veterinary costs.

4. Are there small dog breeds typically not covered by insurance?

Some insurers may exclude certain breeds prone to hereditary conditions, so it’s essential to verify with the insurance provider.

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