No Waiting Period Dental insurance plans in New Jersey

Looking for dental insurance in New Jersey that kicks in immediately? You’re in luck! We’ve taken a close look at insurance plans that provide coverage without making you wait, specifically highlighting plans that cover dental implants.

Dental insurance plans in New Jersey with no waiting period

Primarily there are three types of insurance coverage available in New Jersey, including DPPOs, DHMOs, and discount and referral plans. Some of the best companies to get your insurance from are as follows –

1. Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental provides a comprehensive range of insurance services in New Jersey, including immediate coverage for various dental services.

Spirit Preventive PlusSpirit FlexSpirit Core
up to $1,000up to $2,000$1,200
Annual MaxAnnual MaxAnnual Max
In-network savings of 25-50%Choice of any dentistIn-network savings of 25-50%
100% preventive coverage25% 1st year major coverage
50% 1st year basic coverage50% 1st year basic coverageImplant coverage
25% 1st year major coverage25% 1st year major coverageChild ortho included
No waiting periodsNo waiting periodsNo waiting periods
Monthly PremiumMonthly PremiumMonthly Premium

Pros & Cons

Immediate coverageHigher monthly premiums
Orthodontics for children included
Three cleanings per year
$5,000 maximum benefit


In light of its no-waiting period and comprehensive coverage, Spirit Dental is a solid option for residents of New Jersey looking for prompt and extensive dental care services.

2. Delta dental

Delta Dental offers dependable benefits with competitive rates and no waiting period for transferring from another qualifying plan.

  • Preventive services covered up to 100%
  • Flexible plan options
  • Large network of dental providers
  • No waiting period for qualifying transfers

Check out there plans here

Pros & Cons

Competitive coverage ratesLimited out-of-network coverage under the Clear Plan
Automatic monthly paymentsSpecific exclusions and limitations apply
Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction
Covers over 1.6 million people
Options to see any dentist


Delta Dental stands out as a top choice, particularly for those seeking flexibility and reliability from their dental insurance plan, despite certain limitations.

3. Denali Dental

A great smile starts with simple moments. Denali Dental insurance recognizes that the quest for the perfect dental plan should not be complex. With options for individuals, families, and seniors, Denali Dental offers a straightforward path to maintaining dental health, underscored by a no-wait policy.

Plan OptionsFamily, Individual, Senior
DentistChoose Your Own Dentist
OrthodonticsChild and Adult Ortho Available
Waiting PeriodNo Waiting Period
Major ServicesIncludes Implants & Other Major Services
CleaningsUp to Four Cleanings Per Year
Annual Maximum$6,000

Check out there plans here

Pros & Cons

Immediate coverage for various dental servicesMay be pricier than plans with waiting periods
High annual maximum benefitLimited to certain dentists if not choosing out-of-network options
Coverage for orthodontic procedures for children and adultsOrthodontic coverage may have specific limitations
Freedom to choose any dentistOut-of-network choices might lead to higher out-of-pocket costs
Benefits for major services, including implantsMay not cover all implant-related services
Up to four cleanings per year, which is higher than average


Is Denali Dental worth it? If you value immediate access to dental care without the wait, and want coverage for a wide array of services including implants, Denali Dental is a solid option. It is particularly appealing for those who need extensive dental work soon and for those who appreciate a higher cap on annual benefits.

Best Option

Among the dental insurance options in New Jersey, Denali Dental emerges as the best choice for those seeking immediate coverage with an extensive range of dental services, including implants. It offers a high annual maximum of $6,000, coverage for both child and adult orthodontics, and the flexibility of choosing any dentist. Despite the potential for higher costs and certain limitations with out-of-network providers, the plan’s no-waiting period policy and generous number of annual cleanings make it particularly valuable for individuals, families, and seniors needing immediate, comprehensive dental care.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get around my dental insurance waiting?

Many insurance policies do not have a waiting period, similar to the ones we have mentioned above. However, if you’re dealing with a policy that does include a waiting period, consider doing the following:

  • Contact your insurer to discuss the possibility of waiving the waiting period, especially if you’re transitioning from a plan with continuous coverage.
  • Look into choosing insurance plans from companies known for not enforcing waiting periods, to avoid the hassle altogether.

2. What is the average cost of dental insurance in New Jersey?

According to, monthly premiums for adult dental insurance policies in New Jersey can range from $10 to $85.

3. Can we claim insurance in the waiting period?

Unfortunately, insurance benefits are inaccessible during the waiting period. Claims can only be made once the predetermined waiting duration has been completed.

4. What dental insurance has the best coverage?

While many dental plans in the US offer valuable benefits, Humana stands out in New Jersey due to:

  • No waiting periods for most plans.
  • Availability of three distinct plan types to suit different needs.
  • A vast network of accessible dentists.


For those in New Jersey, the need for dental insurance with no waiting period is clear, and the options are varied. With Spirit Dental, Delta Dental, and Denali Dental offering competitive plans that cater to immediate dental care needs, including implants, residents have strong choices at hand. The selection of the best plan should be based on personal needs, budget, and desired coverage. Considering the overall benefits and limitations, Spirit Dental emerges as a highly attractive option due to its combination of immediate coverage and comprehensive benefits.

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