No Waiting Period Dental insurance in Mississippi

For those in the Magnolia State seeking immediate dental coverage, the landscape is filled with opportunities and options to maintain that gleaming smile without the delay typically associated with new insurance plans.

Why Immediate Coverage Matters

Life’s dental dilemmas wait for no one. Whether you’re facing a sudden toothache or planning ahead for a clean bill of oral health, immediate coverage is the peace of mind everyone deserves. Mississippi residents have several insurance plans to consider that forgo the dreaded waiting period.

Exploring the Best Plans Without the Wait

1. Denali Dental Insurance


  • Annual maximum benefits up to $6,000
  • Coverage includes implants & major services
  • No waiting periods on preventive care
  • Both adult & child orthodontia covered
  • Accessibility to a wide network of dental providers
  • Offers flexibility in choosing your own dentist

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Pros & Cons:

High annual maximum benefitMay have higher monthly premiums
Coverage for implants and major servicesLimited to network providers for best rates
Immediate coverage on preventive careOrtho coverage may not be comprehensive
Coverage for both adult and child orthodontiaMajor services may only be partially covered


With its preventive care focus, Denali is a strong choice for those who wish to stay ahead in their dental health regime, despite a higher cost.

2. UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance


  • Preventive care with no deductible or waiting period
  • Coverage includes routine cleanings, fluoride treatments for minors, and basic services
  • Access to a broad network of dental providers
  • Direct payment to in-network dentists and simplified claims process
  • No age limits on coverage
  • Plans specifically designed for seniors on Medicare

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Pros & Cons:

No waiting period for preventive and basic servicesMajor services and orthodontics not covered
$50 deductible with a maximum of 3 per familyNo vision benefits included
Covers 100% for preventive care from day one
50% coverage for basic services after deductible
Up to $1,000 annual maximum benefit per person


UnitedHealthcare is suitable for those who need basic dental coverage fast, but may not be the best for those anticipating major dental work soon.

3. Spirit Dental Insurance


  • Immediate coverage on preventive, basic, and major services
  • Dental implants and orthodontics included
  • PPO dental plans within the Ameritas network
  • Annual maximums up to $5,000
  • Next-day insurance, three cleanings per year, and $100-lifetime deductible
  • Choice of dentist from an extensive network
  • Option to bundle vision for additional savings

Check out there plans here

Pros & Cons:

Offers immediate major dental work coveragePlans can come at higher monthly costs
Generous annual coverage capsAvailability of plans may vary by state
No waiting period for any service


Spirit Dental’s strong suit is its immediate major coverage which is ideal for those with pressing dental needs, making it a highly valuable option despite the higher premium.

What is the Best Option?

The best option for dental insurance in Mississippi with no waiting period depends on individual needs. If immediate major dental work coverage, including implants and orthodontics, is a priority, Spirit Dental Insurance stands out as the ideal choice. It offers generous annual maximums and covers 100% for preventive care from day one, which can be extremely valuable for those with urgent dental needs despite potentially higher premiums.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much is dental insurance in Mississippi?

Adults who purchase stand-alone or family dental coverage might pay from $30 to $76 a month for premiums. 

2. What’s the best insurance that covers dental?

It is difficult to choose the best dental insurance company. But we will choose Delta Dental for their many services. 

3. Does Medicaid cover dental in Mississippi?

Sadly, Medicaid only offers coverage for emergency dental care for adults in Mississippi. 

Wrapping It Up

Whether your dental care is a proactive pursuit or a pressing need, Mississippi’s insurance market caters to both scenarios. By weighing the pros and cons, you can select the dental plan that aligns with your oral health goals and gets you the treatment you need, when you need it.

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