IVDD Coverage in Woolworths Pet Insurance

Woolworths Pet Insurance, known for its comprehensive plans, often leaves pet owners wondering about its coverage for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). This article delves into the specifics of Woolworths Pet Insurance’s IVDD coverage.

Understanding IVDD and Pet Insurance

IVDD affects spinal discs, potentially causing pain, nerve damage, or paralysis in pets. Treatment can be costly, making pet insurance a crucial financial tool for pet owners.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Coverage for IVDD

Woolworths Pet Insurance’s coverage for IVDD varies with each policy. Some policies offer comprehensive coverage including diagnostics, surgery, and rehabilitation, while others may have limitations or exclusions, especially if IVDD is considered a pre-existing condition.

Policy Specifics

  • Comprehensive Plans: These may offer extensive IVDD coverage.
  • Basic Plans: Might have restrictions or limited coverage for IVDD treatments.
  • Exclusions: IVDD might be excluded if it’s a pre-existing condition.

Comparing IVDD Coverage with Other Conditions

Woolworths Pet Insurance’s approach to conditions like hip dysplasia and luxating patella provides insight into its IVDD coverage. Generally, these conditions are covered similarly to IVDD, unless deemed pre-existing.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Plans and IVDD

  • Standard Plan: May offer basic IVDD coverage with limitations.
  • Comprehensive Plan: Likely to provide more extensive IVDD coverage.

Pre-existing Conditions and IVDD

Woolworths Pet Insurance typically does not cover pre-existing conditions, which can impact IVDD coverage if symptoms were present before policy inception or during the waiting period.

Additional Benefits and Exclusions

  • Benefits: Coverage includes accidents, illnesses, and emergency care.
  • Exclusions: Routine care and certain specific ailments or treatments are excluded.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Costs and IVDD Coverage

The cost of adding IVDD coverage varies, with more comprehensive plans generally being more expensive. Woolworths Pet Insurance’s rates are competitive compared to other providers offering IVDD coverage.


1. Does Woolworths pet insurance cover luxating patella?

Coverage for luxating patella depends on the policy’s terms and pre-existing condition status.

2. Is hip dysplasia covered by pet insurance?

Most pet insurance plans, including Woolworths, cover hip dysplasia under certain conditions, excluding pre-existing symptoms.

3. Is surgery necessary for a dog with a luxating patella?

The necessity of surgery for luxating patella varies based on severity. Mild cases might be managed without surgery.


Understanding Woolworths Pet Insurance’s coverage for conditions like IVDD is essential. Pet owners should carefully consider policy details to ensure they choose the best coverage for their pets’ needs.

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