How to get insurance to pay for a tummy tuck after c section?

How to have insurance pay for a tummy tuck after a C-section?

The rising cost of medical services is concerning and damaging to your bank account. Nowadays, everything is costly, from a simple doctor’s visit to buying medicines.

That is why it is always recommended to get medical insurance, as it covers every essential base so that you do not think about how to fill your bills when recovering from an ailment. Speaking of insurance, does it pay for tummy tucks after delivering a baby via C-section? This article explores how you can get insurance for a tummy tuck after getting a C-section.

How To Get Insurance To Pay For A Tummy Tuck After A C-section?

How To Get Insurance To Pay For A Tummy Tuck After A C-section?

Before we proceed, one must know what a tummy tuck is, when it becomes necessary, and when the insurance company covers it. Stay tuned.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic operation that generally enhances the appearance of the abdomen. This occurs as a result of the removal of the extra skin and fat after gaining weight or post-pregnancy. Additionally, the abdominal muscles are tightened up, giving a snug look and making your belly look flat.

Also, a tummy tuck is only recommended for patients who already have a healthy and normal body mass index (BMI) or body fat percentage and is only done when the stretch marks and the flab would not go even after exercise and diet change.

When Does The Insurance Company Cover It?

Typically, insurance companies do not cover tummy tuck treatments. This is mostly because they are not seen to be medically required and are performed purely for aesthetic reasons.

However, if it is a medical necessity, such as an abdominal hernia or other ailments, then your insurance can cover the abdominoplasty. If it causes health issues, and the doctor tells you to get the tuck done, the insurance will cover it.

It should be an honest claim. Get in touch with your doctor so that they can prepare a genuine document for you to get approved for insurance.

Can You Get A Tummy Tuck After A C-section?

Yes, it is totally safe to get a tummy tuck after a C-section delivery. Due to the severity of a C-section, many might get scared of getting a tummy tuck. But thankfully, tummy tucks are very safe and standard; hence, it does not pose any danger to you even after you get a C-section. Medical professionals suggest waiting 6-12 months before getting this procedure done to achieve long-lasting results. Waiting for a period of 6-12 months will ensure that your body heals from swelling, bruising, and the c-section scar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can excess skin be removed during a C-section?

The possibility of doing two complex procedures, of C-section and removing the skin, at the same time, is still being explored by doctors. 

Many ask if their physicians can remove surplus skin and solve the problem of stretch marks after the C-section, and it can be possible only if your doctor is trained in cosmetic procedures. According to reports, many gynecologists or obstetricians are learning methods like panniculectomy to help their patients with this request.

2) What is a more risky C-section or a tummy tuck?

C-sections and tummy tucks are different and complex surgical procedures that carry their risks. One cannot compare these two simply because they require cutting up the abdominal area.

A C-section can cause infection, blood loss, blood clots, injury to other organs like the bladder or intestines, allergic reaction to anesthesia, etc.
On the other hand, tummy tucks can also cause infection, excessive bleeding, scarring, numbness in the abdominal area, seroma, etc.

 3) What is a more painful tummy tuck or a C-section?

Even though both tummy tucks and C-sections require cutting up the abdomen, a C-section can be way more painful than the other. This is because a C-section is a major abdominal surgery whose effects last for several weeks or even months.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this article helped you understand C-sections and insurance policies. Before settling on any decisions about these two sectors, we want you to chat with your doctor and insurance provider first.

Please take advice from your Insurance carriers before going through with the advice mentioned in this article. Insurance carriers offer up-to-date advice that may vary on case to case basis.

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