Dental insurance that covers implants in Florida

Insurance these days does not cover everything, making it difficult for many to access proper healthcare. This is especially true for dental implants, which many insurance companies refuse to cover due to the high costs involved.

It’s crucial to find an insurance plan that provides a comprehensive experience, covering not just the basics but also other vital necessities. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best dental insurance options in Florida that include coverage for implants.

Dental insurance in Florida that covers implants

1. Spirit Dental

Spirit Core PPOSpirit Pinnacle PPOSpirit Senior Preferred PPO
$1,200up to $5,000up to $3,000
25% 1st year major coverage25% 1st year major coverage20% 1st year major coverage
Implant coverageImplant coverageImplant coverage
Child ortho includedChild ortho coverageHearing benefits
No waiting periodsNo waiting periodsNo waiting periods

Pros and Cons

Implant coverage across all plansVaried coverage percentages based on plan year
Options for children’s orthodontics
No waiting periods for any plan


Spirit Dental seems like a dream come true for those seeking straightforward and immediate coverage. Their plans are not just spirits; they’re guardian angels for your oral health.

2. Denali Dental

RIDGE PLAN 750/1500/2000/2500SUMMIT PLAN 1200/2000/3500/6000
4 cleanings & 2 exams per yearAdult and Child Orthodontia
10% 1st year basic & major coverage30% 1st year basic & major coverage
No waiting periodsNo waiting periods
up to $2500 (max benefit)up to $6000 (max benefit)

They also offer Additional Plan Benefits like:

  • $6000 annual maximums
  • Four cleanings per year
  • Implants and major services are covered
  • No waiting periods
  • The ability to choose your own dentist
  • Child and adult orthodontics

Pros & Cons

Up to $6000 annual maximumsInitial basic and major coverage is limited
Four cleanings per year
Child and adult orthodontics coverage


For those planning to stick around for the long haul, Denali Dental could be your Sherpa, leading you to the zenith of dental care without the cliffhanger of waiting periods.

3. Ameritas

FeaturePrimeStar® AccessPrimeStar® Total
Monthly Premium$46.52$55.52
Maximum Benefitup to $2,000up to $2,500
Waiting PeriodNo waiting periodsNo waiting periods
Major (Type 3) Covered ServicesCrowns
Root Canals
Oral Surgery
Panoramic X-rays
Teeth Whitening
Root Canals
Oral Surgery
Panoramic X-rays

Pros & Cons

Full coverage for preventive careWaiting periods may apply
Large network of dentists
High annual maximums on many plans


For a stalwart defense against oral health woes, Ameritus is a time-honored ally. Just be mindful of the waiting periods that may apply for some procedures.

4. Alfac

  • Deductible that decreases over time.
    • Calendar year 1: $75/person.
    • Calendar year 2: $50/person.
    • Calendar year 3+: $25/person.
  • No waiting period for preventive dental care.
  • Annual maximum benefit increases over time.
  • Plans available with vision and hearing services.
  • Reduced costs for using in-network providers.

Pros & Cons

Zero waiting period for certain servicesMay have waiting periods for complex procedures
Orthodontic benefits coverageLimited information on plan specifics
Covers two cleanings and exams per year


If you’re looking for a trusty sidekick in your dental journey, Alfac could be your worthy comrade. It’s a solid plan, especially if you’re in immediate need of coverage without the dreaded waiting periods.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Medicare pay for dental implants in Florida?

Sadly, Medicare Part D does not provide these health benefits with their coverage. Not just implants, but they also do not cover dental procedures. But thankfully, their Medicare Part D does cover any medication prescribed to you because of getting dental implants.

2. How much do dental implants cost in Florida?

Dental implants can be pretty expensive in Florida, and a single tooth can be around $3000 to $6000.

Similarly, the implant-supported bridges can be around $4000 to $16,000.

3. Does dental implant surgery hurt?

Generally, the procedure does not hurt due to local anesthesia, although minor discomfort and stitching may occur post-surgery.

Best Option

After reviewing the available plans, Spirit Dental’s Pinnacle PPO emerges as a standout choice. It offers a generous annual maximum, immediate coverage with no waiting periods, and child orthodontic inclusion, making it an excellent option for comprehensive dental care. For individuals looking for high coverage limits and immediate benefits, Spirit Dental is a beacon in the landscape of dental insurance in Florida.

Wrapping it up

In the pursuit of the perfect smile and the ability to enjoy our meals without hindrance, dental implants come across as an indispensable option for many. The dental insurance plans available in Florida vary in coverage, premiums, and benefits, making the choice highly dependent on individual needs and circumstances. With options ranging from immediate coverage to high annual maximums, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

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