Barclays Travel Insurance in Cruise Coverage: A 2024 Guide

In 2023, Barclays Travel Insurance continues to provide robust protection for various travel needs, including the ever-popular cruise vacations. This guide delves into the specifics of cruise coverage offered by Barclays, addressing the pivotal question: “Does Barclays Travel Insurance Cover Cruises in 2023?”

Understanding Barclays Travel Insurance Coverage

Overview of Barclays Travel Insurance

Barclays is renowned for offering:

  • Comprehensive coverage for a wide array of travel-related issues.
  • Flexible plans tailored to meet diverse travel needs.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Barclays

Barclays’ range of plans includes:

  • Standard coverage for essential travel protection.
  • Enhanced plans for more extensive travel requirements.

Cruise Coverage Specifics

Detailed Analysis of Cruise Coverage

Barclays Travel Insurance covers important aspects such as:

  • Emergency medical treatment: Covering unforeseen illnesses or injuries.
  • Personal liability: Protection against third-party claims.
  • Theft and loss: Ensuring safety of personal belongings during the cruise.

Barclays Travel Pack and Cruise Coverage

Explanation of the Barclays Travel Pack

The Barclays Travel Pack offers:

  • Additional coverage options tailored for cruise travelers.

How the Travel Pack Extends to Cruise Travel

Extended coverage includes:

  • Missed departures.
  • Itinerary changes.
  • Cruise-specific emergencies.

Aviva and Barclays Partnership

Discussing the Partnership

Barclays’ partnership with Aviva brings:

  • Enhanced insurance products.
  • Specialized cruise coverage.

Impact on Cruise Coverage

This collaboration ensures:

  • Comprehensive coverage options.
  • Tailored plans specifically for cruise travel.

Policy Terms and Conditions

Review of Terms and Conditions

It’s vital to understand the fine print, focusing on:

  • Specific inclusions and exclusions for cruise travel.
  • Limitations on claims and coverage.

Additional Benefits and Contact Information

Highlighting Additional Benefits

Barclays offers unique benefits for cruise travelers, including:

  • Concierge services on board.
  • Special assistance for itinerary changes.

Contact Information for Assistance

For assistance, Barclays provides dedicated contact channels for policyholders.


1. What Does Barclays Travel Insurance Cover?

The coverage includes emergency medical treatment, personal liability, and various optional covers.

2. Who is Covered by Barclays Travel Plus Pack?

The policyholder, their partner, and children, with age and condition limitations.

3. Does Barclays Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation?

Yes, under specific conditions and exclusions.


Barclays Travel Insurance offers comprehensive cruise coverage, making it a suitable option for your cruise travel insurance needs in 2023. This guide aims to assist travelers in making informed decisions about their cruising insurance requirements.

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